Novustat Statistics Consulting

Novustat’s statistical services include consulting and analysis services in all areas of theoretical and applied statistics. We focus on customized, process-oriented and individual solutions.

  • Tailor-made, because we understand consulting, evaluation and interpretation as a unit. We provide exactly as much consulting input as is required for a correct interpretation of the data.
  • Process-oriented, because we view data analyses as variables of dynamic parameters and contexts instead of isolating them from the process as a whole.
  • Individual, because our advice for corporate clients and companies, doctoral students and research institutions is always provided by a personal contact, and because we personally select the statistician for your project from our professional pool of authors.

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Benefit from specialization. The Novustat team makes it possible

The professional quality of Novustat statistics consulting is based on individualized, professional solutions from a single source. We have a team of over 80 statisticians at our disposal.

This means that Novustat has access to specialist expertise for a wide variety of projects: depending on the requirements, topic and research design, Novustat always provides the right statistician. At the same time, our flexible team of consultants enables us to process your research project with unrivaled speed. This enables us to implement short-term or urgent projects on schedule without having to worry about compromising the quality of the data analysis.

You can find more information about our team of statisticians here.

More than SPSS and data mining. Statistical advice from Novustat

Novustat realizes the complete requirement profile for professional statistical consulting and evaluation. You can place your project in our hands, from statistical test planning, interpretation and media-compatible documentation through to post-processing. Or determine yourself in which phase of the evaluation or interpretation Novustat should provide support.

The professional preparation and evaluation of project-related data is made possible by a modern and highly specialized know-how of evaluation methods and high-quality software (SPSS, Stata, AMOS, MaxQDA, etc.). And, of course, by a team of experts who prefer to apply their specialized experience to complex evaluations.

Present results like the pros

Statistical data analysis is the basis and the core of our statistics service. However, we are happy to take care of more. For example, obtaining second results and hypothesis tests for the evaluations. Or the preparation of expert opinions on different analysis strategies, pretest methods and reports. Of course, we also take care of the scientifically professional and publication-ready presentation of your results in all common presentation formats (PowerPoint, Excel, video).