How statisticians find jobs

It is often difficult for freelance statisticians to acquire jobs because, although there is a high demand for their services, potential clients primarily turn to established, larger statistics service providers. Many statisticians therefore choose to work as freelance statisticians, as flexible working hours and the ability to manage their own time are often important criteria when choosing a job as a statistician.

Are you a statistician looking for jobs where you can use your professional skills profitably and would like to decide on your own order volume? Novustat offers jobs for statisticians in almost all academic disciplines. Apply now!

Working as a statistician

Statisticians deal with a wide range of different tasks. This includes the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of quantitative data and information. Statisticians develop experiments, organize surveys and deal with the initial data collection. The job of a statistician also involves contextual processing and analysis of data and recognizing patterns that help to make decisions. They discuss the results and recommend strategies. Statisticians perform these tasks with the aid of mathematical procedures and statistical programs on a concrete numerical basis.

Customers include companies that want to receive strategy recommendations based on market research data, as well as researchers and students who want to assign jobs to statisticians as part of their scientific work and have their research results analyzed by a professional.

Statistician jobs at Novustat

As a statistician in the Novustat team, you regularly receive new order requests and can decide flexibly and independently whether to accept or reject them. You can use your professional and academic experience and expand your wealth of experience even further. As we attach great importance to offering our customers the best possible quality, you will only receive job offers that match your chosen subject area. With the exception of absolute adherence to delivery deadlines, you are completely free to manage your own time when processing orders.

If you are interested in statistician jobs from Novustat, become a part of our team. We look forward to receiving your application.

Current vacancies at Novustat

Statistician wanted

We are looking for freelance statisticians with a wide range of specializations to strengthen our pool of freelancers. Novustat is particularly looking for statisticians who have extensive practical and methodological experience and ideally also specialize in an academic field of research. In return, we offer you flexible working hours and attractive remuneration. Apply now, Novustat is always looking for statisticians.

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Statistician Job

Are you looking for a statistician job where you can use your professional skills profitably and would like to decide on your own order volume? Novustat offers statisticians jobs in almost all academic disciplines.

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Data Scientist

Today’s information society is confronted with an enormous amount of data and information and, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the amount of data produced daily will increase by 2000 percent annually by the year 2020 – but it already amounts to several million terabytes today. But how can you become master of this unmanageable pile of data? A data scientist can help here.

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Statistician vacancies

Our vacancies for statisticians are aimed in particular at specialists who have already gained experience in scientific work and the use of their statistical skills in relation to a specific subject area during their academic studies. If your profile fits these requirements and you are looking for a lucrative job with flexible working hours, then our vacancies for statisticians are just right for you.

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