Our statisticians
The Novustat team of experts

At Novustat, we rely on expertise, professionalism and transparency. Below, we introduce you to the leading experts from our team of statisticians who, through their daily work, help our clients to achieve their individual goals, giving you a face behind our service. Because we want you to have a good feeling during every phase of your project, and because we believe that a good personal relationship results in synergies that contribute significantly to the success of your project.

Furthermore, we are of course aware that you would like to convince yourself of the qualifications of our statisticians and are interested in their individual areas of expertise. But even if you can’t find a suitable statistician for your specialty in this list, you can rest assured. Our team consists of a large number of competent statisticians and we guarantee that we will always select the most suitable statistician for your project and, if necessary, put together an interdisciplinary team to meet your individual requirements.

A selection of our statisticians

Dr. Robert Grünwald
Owner and managing director

Areas of expertise: Business analytics, big data, financial forecasting, data mining, descriptive and inductive statistics, customer and employee surveys

Novustat statistician Dr. Rudolf Welskopf

Dr. Rudolf Welskopf
Senior Statistician

Specialist areas: SPSS, development of research design and creation of questionnaires, descriptive and inductive statistics in SPSS, correlation and regression analyses

Novustat statistician Regina Hollweck

Regina Hollweck
Senior statistician

Subject areas: Statistics in biology and computer science, databases, clinical studies, case number planning in the medical field, statistical analysis in R or Excel, data mining with Rapidminer

Novustat statistician Peter Weber

Peter Weber
Senior Statistician

Subject areas: Stochastic processes & models (e.g. Markov chains), classical mathematical statistics such as cluster, correlation, various regression and factor analyses, stat. Hypothesis tests, Bayes method

Novustat statistician Steffen Zittlau

Dr. Steffen Zittlau
Senior Statistician

Departments: Political science, R (statistical simulations, Monte Carlo experiments, web scraping, geodata, coding of complex variables), STATA, Excel, R/ggplot2, quantitative methods and multilevel analysis

Lucas Scheliga
Senior Statistician

Areas of expertise: Experimental and quasi-experimental designs (t-test, ANOVA, fixed-effects models, random-effects models), multiple regression methods (linear, spline-based, robust), factor analyses (exploratory & confirmatory), bootstrapping

Novustat statistician Alexander Balka

Alexander Balka
Senior Statistician

Subject areas: Mathematics and physics, time series analysis, financial mathematics, programming in Matlab & R programming

Dr. Marcel Wiechmann
Senior Statistician

Areas of specialization: Descriptive statistics, univariate statistics (regression, ANOVA, etc.), multivariate statistics (MANOVA), structural equation modeling (SEM)

Gabriel Krause
Senior Project Manager

Departments: general statistics and mathematics, stochastics, project management and controlling

…and over 80 other qualified statisticians for your project

In addition, we have over 80 other highly qualified statisticians in our Novustat team who will be happy to provide you with individual support for your statistics project. Simply contact us, we will be happy to advise you and select the best statistician for you!

Tested competencies
of all statisticians

Individual customization
to your projects

Interdisciplinary cooperation
and teams

Even if your project is not supervised by one of the statisticians presented above, but by an alternative expert from our team because they have more free capacity or more experience in your individual specialist area, you can still be sure that they are also an experienced specialist. At Novustat, all our statisticians undergo a rigorous selection process, during which we verify their qualifications and references to guarantee you a high-quality service.

Thanks to the outstanding skills of our experts, we are able to adapt to each customer project individually and thus effectively and efficiently develop tailor-made solutions for your research, even for the most complex projects, whether it is predictive modeling in the field of finance or complex statistical programming or modeling. Even interdisciplinary research projects are not a challenge that we are not up to, because the formation of interdisciplinary teams from our widely diversified team of statisticians promises quality and success here too.