Let us provide you with professional and individual support for your data evaluation. Regardless of whether you are still at the very beginning of your statistical data analysis or have already reached the interpretation stage – our statisticians will be happy to help you!

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How you can get support with data analysis

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The way in which statisticians analyze data depends on whether the previous study was used to generate or test hypotheses. In the former case, data aggregations lead to the goal, in the latter, methods of inferential statistics.

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Which methods can be used to analyze data?

Depending on the number and combination of variables to be considered and their characteristic values, we work with univariate, bivariate or multivariate methods:

  • In univariate analysis, methods of descriptive statistics such as the determination of frequency distributions, location and scattering parameters or concentration measures (Lorenz curve, Gini coefficient, etc.) are used.
  • If relationships between two variables are to be determined, we use bivariate forms of presentation such as the contingency table, the scatter diagram or methods such as simple correlation or regression analyses.
  • If multidimensional characteristic values are available, we use selected methods of inductive statistics, so-called multivariate methods. With regard to the objective, we differentiate between
    • testing procedures that serve to verify a given hypothesis about the relationships between variables or objects, such as variance, discriminant, multiple regression or conjoint analysis, and
    • uncovering methods for gaining new insights into links or groupings of variables/objects such as principal component and factor analysis, cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling.

Do you need support with data analysis? We support you with your statistical data evaluation! You too can benefit from the academic know-how of our 80 statisticians. We are experts in data analysis in SPSS, Stata, R and SAS and much more!

Which factors determine the success of a data analysis

Novustat can advise you on data analysis or take care of it completely. This step focuses on the statistical processing of the previously collected data. Successful implementation presupposes that the data are suitable for a test-theoretical investigation in the first place, i.e. that they are clearly quantifiable. Furthermore, sufficiently precise operationalizations must have been carried out – for example in the case of test series – so that the data collection is based on the necessary degree of objectivity. The reliability of the data collected (reliability) also determines the usefulness of the subsequent analysis, particularly in the case of extensive studies. In descriptive statistics, it is impossible to condense the information content of analyses in the form of generating key figures without in-depth knowledge of various evaluation methods and the proper interpretation of the numerical results obtained by them. We would be happy to advise you individually and without obligation – just get in touch with us.

If you need support in analyzing data, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our contact form for a free consultation on data evaluation & a non-binding offer – or give us a call.

What we do before we analyze your data

Before the data evaluation can take place, some preparatory steps must be carried out

  • Familiarization with the topic
  • Review of the research question, research questions and hypotheses
  • Examination of the data
  • Data cleansing
  • Plausibility checks
  • Checking the data with regard to outliers, distribution form

Contact us – Novustat turns every data analysis into a data upgrade!

Whenever you need to analyze data in an academic or professional context or need training in data analysis: With the involvement of Novustat, success is pre-programmed! We have a large pool of academically highly qualified experts with practical experience who are able to deal with any statistical problem and ensure that your project succeeds conscientiously and on time.

You will have the opportunity to get a realistic idea of the expected costs of our assignment from your very first visit to our website. You will receive a detailed quotation after sending us your specified requirements. If you decide to work with us in the next step, we will assign you a personal supervisor who will be available to you as a contact person in all phases of the project and who will offer you the opportunity to actively influence the design and progress of the data analysis at any time. Our sophisticated process organization ensures optimum quality of results in every case through peer-to-peer checks during the work process and the final general inspection by a supervisor.

If you need support in analyzing data, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our contact form for a free consultation on data evaluation & a non-binding offer – or give us a call.

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