How is my data evaluated by Novustat?

Your data is always analyzed by statisticians commissioned by Novustat. All of our team members are proven experts in all relevant data evaluation formats in the field of statistics. Project management is carried out according to the requirements profile of your order or request and is handled by a personal contact person.

What professional profile does the team have?

All Novustat employees have a degree in statistics/mathematics and have been working professionally as statistical consultants for at least two years. In addition to our experts for specific evaluation programs, we also have specialists, for example in statistical programming or special statistical software, as well as interdisciplinary expertise in data evaluation.

Is it necessary to be present in person in order to receive a customized and individual offer?

Regardless of the size of the project and the level of requirements for the statistical analysis, you are guaranteed to receive the customized offer you are looking for, even without a personal consultation appointment with Novustat. Discuss everything you need to know with your personal contact at Novustat, who will be available for you from the moment you place your order.

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What are the steps involved in processing my order?

First, we examine your order in detail and determine the scope of processing. In the next step, we assign the order to a personal project manager depending on the complexity and level of requirements. On this basis, you will then receive specific feedback from us as to which evaluation procedure is recommended and what results you can expect. After placing the agreed order with your personal processor, we start immediately with the discussed services. Depending on the level of requirements, you can generally expect your order to be completed within a week of placing it.

How secure is my data with Novustat?

Your data is absolutely secure. All order and project-related data is stored on a separate server and can only be accessed by the respective employee. Orders, associated data and, of course, all results produced by us are subject to confidentiality at Novustat and are deleted after final completion.

What does statistics consulting cost at Novustat?

Novustat specializes in complete solutions, but also offers individual components. As we assess each order individually and make the processing effort dependent on the type and scope of the data interpretation, there is unfortunately no price table or similar. So you can be sure that with every order you only pay for what you really need. Another fixed component of our pricing is fixed prices, which we offer you without obligation when we prepare a quotation.
This means that your project is always fully paid for with the fixed price, even if the work involved exceeds our estimate. This means you always have full cost control and will not experience any nasty surprises.

What impact does the fact that Novustat is based in Switzerland have?

None. Novustat operates internationally and offers its customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a complete statistics service in consulting and analysis.

As a customer from Germany or Austria, do I have to pay VAT on my order?

No. As Switzerland is not in the EU, you do not have to pay VAT as a private individual in Germany or Austria.

In which data formats should my material be provided and which formats will I receive back?

You can provide us with all relevant data formats (SPSS, Stata, Excel, csv, txt, etc.). After processing, we will provide you with exactly the formats you need for the presentation (in addition to the standard formats mentioned, of course, also data integrated into presentations, e.g. PowerPoint).

Is it possible to pay the invoice amount pro rata?

We offer students and junior researchers the option of paying the invoice amount on a pro rata basis. The respective scope of the order (the amount of the invoice) is decisive for the individual design of the installment facility.

Do students receive discounts on Novustat services?

We offer students and young academics special conditions in addition to the installment facility. Just get in touch with us. You are also welcome to take a look at our conditions.

What services does Novustat offer private individuals?

We offer students and private individuals statistical consulting in the form of statistical coaching. Alternatively, we can carry out the evaluation together via screen transmission and also provide you with the outputs, graphics and code. We will also be happy to explain the interpretation and meaning of the statistical results. However, we do not offer ghostwriting.