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A professional statistician is characterized by three qualities: Specialist knowledge, precision and flexibility. He uses his expertise to familiarize himself individually with your work topic, to advise you not only methodically but also professionally, and to develop the optimal strategy for the statistical analysis of your data and thus lead your research project to success. Absolute precision is essential, because we know from experience that even the smallest inaccuracies and inaccuracies can affect the significance of your results and thus have a massive impact on the final results of your statistical data analysis. Finally, flexibility comes into play, which is required to adapt to the special challenges of your project and thus develop individual solutions for you as a customer – be it through process-accompanying statistical consulting or by completely taking over your data mining evaluation, statistical evaluation or statistical programming in renowned statistical programs. In addition to an SPSS analysis, we also offer targeted Stata help. Novustat can also be used for evaluation in R and many other programs.

Novustat does not provide you with a standard evaluation – regardless of whether you are a student, doctoral candidate or scientist in medicine or whether you need professional statistical data analysis for your company. We specifically address the requirements and challenges of each project, taking into account the nature of your database and creating the syntax for your static analysis individually in order to guarantee the best possible achievement of your research objectives. We use experienced experts from fields such as business statistics or medical statistics to provide you with competent technical and methodological advice across almost all academic disciplines.

As we also want you to have a good feeling at every stage of the project, a personal contact person is available to you at all times during processing to monitor progress and communicate between you and your statistician. In accordance with our 4-eyes principle, this project supervisor carries out a quality check of your delivery together with an experienced supervisor from our team after the order has been completed, so that you only receive the highest quality from us. This is not only what you expect of us, but also what we expect of ourselves.