A statistics program is necessary in order to carry out a meaningful statistical evaluation and to analyze questions fully and correctly. Statistical programming is usually essential for this. However, there is no generally valid, universal statistical programming. Statistical programming differs depending on the statistical software program used and often requires years of routine or specific and time-consuming training, especially when troubleshooting. You too can benefit from professional statistical programming in SPSS, R, Stata or SAS for your project. We have already implemented statistical projects for over 1000 satisfied customers.

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How does Novustat support you with statistical programming?

You are also welcome to watch our video about our support options on YouTube.

Novustat supports you primarily in the following areas:

  • SAS programming: We provide you with competent support when you program in the SAS software as part of your analysis.
  • MATLAB programming: MATLAB is the application of choice for more complex statistical evaluations. Novustat also understands the professional use and programming of this statistical software.
  • R programming: Our employees also achieve convincing results in statistical evaluations with R.
  • Stata programming and evaluation: Many steps can also be carried out clearly and stringently for Stata with professional programming.
  • Python programming: We are happy to support you with your Python evaluation and programming.

If you also need support with statistical programming, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our contact form for a free consultation & a non-binding quote – or give us a call.

Statistical programming at NOVUSTAT

  • At any time: We are happy to support you in every phase of statistical programming:
    • when drafting the program
    • during implementation
    • during subsequent test runs
  • Program adaptation or new development: We are happy to search for errors in your program code and correct them, develop your program (or that of your predecessor) further and adapt it to new requirements. We are also happy to take on the entire statistical programming: you supply the data and we supply the results.
  • Data transfer and preparation: We also help you to read data from a database or carry out error-free data migration from one format to another.
  • User-friendly applications: We also develop user-friendly interfaces for data input, statistical evaluations, graphical representations or automated reporting. Once created, you can use them again and again and the results will adapt to the current data.
  • Diverse expertise: No matter which tool or programming language is involved (SPSS programming, R, SAS, MATLAB or Stata), you can count on us! Each of the evaluations described on our website can be automated.
  • The NOVUSTAT PLUS: All programming steps are discussed with you in detail afterwards so that the individual steps are understandable and comprehensible. You do not need to have any programming skills!

What is the purpose of statistical programming?

Statistical data analysis can be automated and made repeatable with the help of statistical software. In principle, you can use any programming language for this, as they all support the reading of data from files (e.g. a csv file), basic arithmetic operations and repetitions. It is as unnecessary as it is time-consuming and error-prone to compile statistical evaluations from basic arithmetic operations and loops. For this purpose, there are programming languages such as R that have been specially developed for statistical evaluations.

This makes it particularly easy to automate statistical procedures. Numerous supplementary packages are available for all conceivable statistical procedures and sectors. These programming languages make it possible to provide standard statistical procedures without great effort and facilitate their adaptation to your specific needs. Statistical programming also enables you to import or export files created with other software, for example importing SPSS files into R.

Most statistical tools also support the programming of repeatable scripts and evaluations, for example business intelligence software, SPSS, MATLAB, Stata or SAS.

TasksAreas of applicationProgramsScope
– Automation
– Reading files
– Creating reports
– Econometrics
– Political Science
– Pharma
– Medicine
– Psychology
– Sociology
– and many more
– R
– Matlab
– Stata
– Commenting
– Debugging
– Full Service
– Customization
– Optimization
Statistical Programming by Novustat

When is statistical programming worthwhile?

If you want to carry out the same evaluation repeatedly, for example of data from different years or different samples, you can avoid the manual repetition of the individual evaluation steps with the help of a statistical program that automates this process, thereby increasing the efficiency of your work.
Even if similar data from different employees is to be evaluated in exactly the same way in order to achieve comparable results, the use of statistical programs is worthwhile. This prevents different people from arriving at different results due to subjective assessments or differing procedures. With a statistical program, you can specify and implement a standard procedure for data evaluation and repeat it as often as you like.
At the same time, it functions as a kind of protocol. Each step taken during the evaluation is clearly defined by the program. You can add source code comments to it and thus also document the reasons for your approach.
Large amounts of data (big data) and complex evaluations are generally not manageable without statistical programming!

Input data

A statistical program prefers to accept data from files as long as the data is separated by any separator (comma, semicolon, tab space, etc.). Files with this layout are automatically generated by online questionnaire tools; alternatively, they can be created by scanning a paper questionnaire or manually typing data into Excel. It is crucial that your data is available in a machine-readable format. They are then equally suitable as input for statistical programming and for other statistical tools.
You can of course also write a program in which you enter the data manually and then save it as a file. Statistical programming gives you every opportunity to design your work process!

Output data

You have complete freedom when it comes to creating output data. You can write the results to a file that can be further processed by other tools (e.g. graphics tools) and allows the data to be output on the screen or in another human-readable form. The statistical program can also take over the graphic display itself or generate entire reports including graphics in Excel, Word, html or pdf format.

If you need support with statistical programming, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our contact form for a free consultation or a non-binding quote – or give us a call.