Benefit from professional statistical analysis with SPSS and other programs for your project. Our expert team of over 80 statisticians is well versed in the use of data analysis methods of all kinds and can provide you with competent help in evaluating your statistics.

We can help you with

  • quality-tested & professional
  • Individual & fast analysis of your data set
  • tailored to your question & questionnaire
  • Support for students with, for example, their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis
  • with descriptive (mean value, distribution etc.) & inferential statistical procedures (correlations & regressions) and methods
  • in all statistics programs (SPSS, R, STATA and many more)
  • regardless of where you live
  • Discreetly in compliance with data protection
  • with quality check by supervisor and proofreading of the interpretation of the results.

Analyzing statistics is wonderfully versatile. They can make productions more efficient, provide scientific findings or even help to better understand a group of people. For this to succeed, a research question must be investigated using the right methods. However, data analysis is not quite that simple. The selection of these methods is enormous – and each of them can deliver completely different results.

Statistical analysis – variants

We are happy to support you in all common variants of statistical analysis. We use state-of-the-art procedures and methods for every analysis.

  • Descriptive statistics describe the available data from your questionnaire, e.g. by means of mean values, percentages, distribution ratios or the graphical representation of distributions. With the tables on mean values, structuring and illustrations, an unorganized amount of data is nevertheless given a meaningful value.
  • Explorative evaluations search for patterns and anomalies in data without underlying assumptions and with an open mind, often with the aim of developing hypotheses. Such research is intended to close gaps in theory or eliminate deficits in hypotheses that have already been developed.
  • Inductive (inferential) statistics test hypotheses with designated tests, measure dependencies (correlations) or compare groups with each other. Assumptions about data correlations are verified by a comprehensible test and evaluated with regard to their significance. In addition, graphs of standard deviations and variances as well as tables summarizing these inferential statistical values are created.
  • Forecasts derive predictions for the future from data evaluations, draw analogous conclusions for similar cases or draw conclusions from a sample of data to the population as a whole. For example, students are expected to do this when writing their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

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A statistical study or investigation usually combines several of these evaluation methods and tests. In other words, every survey analysis also includes a descriptive part in order to describe the data within the sample with key figures such as the mean value.

You are welcome to ask us for help, whether for the entire evaluation of the data from your questionnaire or for part of the data analysis (e.g. interpretation of the results). If you need support for the statistical analysis or proofreading for your interpretation of the results, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our Contact form for a free consultation & a non-binding offer – or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you on data analysis in SPSS and all other programs.

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Procedure of a statistics evaluation

You are also welcome to watch our video on data analysis in SPSS and other programs on YouTube.

How Novustat supports you

Novustat will be happy to help you concretize your research question and evaluate it using the appropriate statistical methods based on the available data from your questionnaire. You have the choice of using our statistical consulting for an independent analysis or leaving your evaluation to us.

Regardless of whether it is a research project in your company or an academic project such as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, our focus is on the details. We do not stop at descriptive aspects such as the mean value, but delve deep into your evaluation to determine interesting key figures such as correlations and influences.

Your advantages with NOVUSTAT

Incorrectly analyzed data can by no means cause more harm than good. – Everyone should be aware of this. Processing by Novustat offers the following advantages, for example:

  • saves you time-consuming and cost-intensive familiarization with the methodology and handling of statistical tools
  • Definition of questionnaire and questions
  • Conducting the survey for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and collecting data in tables
  • Help with the selection of questionnaire & sample for the analysis and the methods to investigate your research question
  • Professional execution or accompanying support for your analysis
  • Checking the statistical analysis of your data & proofreading the interpretation of the results
  • Selection of the right evaluation method depending on your research question, the form, distribution and independence of your data set
  • Competent implementation of data analysis with statistical software (SPSS, R, Excel, SAS, Stata,…) and state-of-the-art procedures, methods and tests
  • After carrying out the statistical analysis, you will then receive all the data and values in tables in full from us for your use, including Syntax or code files, prepared data set and result files – without branding
  • Imparting methodological knowledge and informative examples in the context of statistical help
  • Creation of illustrative tables for the presentation of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis
  • Detailed debriefing with your statistician to explain the procedures and methods used.

Not only scientific research benefits from statistical evaluations, but also the private sector, for example the HR department with employee survey evaluation in SPSS or marketing by creating buyer profiles using data mining. Methodological accuracy with regard to the procedures is of fundamental importance for the statistical analysis of empirical data from questionnaires; the usefulness of the result (as well as the reputation of the person responsible) depends directly on it.

If you need support with a statistical analysis or proofreading of your interpretation of the data, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our contact form for a non-binding offer or give us a call.